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Here is a list of my favourite Jewish expressions, if you have any funny or interesting Yiddish words, please send them to me, and I may include them here. I have even provided a handy form so you can send me new ones to add.

Alevei!: If only it would come true! (Contributed by Barbara S.)
Alter kocker: An old person who looks old (obviously). Can't be found in Beverly Hills.
Ashkenazi: A Jewish person from central or Eastern Europe.

Bagel: Roll with a hole in the middle, eaten a lot on Sundays.
Balabatish: An excellent homemaker. A true Jewish Princess!
Bar mitzvah: A ceremony marking the religious coming of age of a 13-year-old boy (very expensive party).
Bashayrt: Fate.
Bat mitzvah: Ceremony marking the religious coming of age of a 12-year-old girl (also very expensive!).
Bissel: A very small amount.
Blintz: Pancake filled with cream cheese (see page 132 of The Jewish Princess Cookbook, Having Your Cake and Eating It ).
Borscht: Beetroot soup (see page 63 of The Jewish Princess Cookbook ).
Borscht Belt: Popular holiday resort in the Catskill Mountains in upper New York State. For the European version, go to Grand Rimini in Italy.
Boychik: Young boy.
Bris: Circumcision for baby boys (ouch!).
Brocheh: Blessing. There is a different one for every situation.
Broyges: An argument with bad feeling. Happens a lot with families.
Bubbeleh: Term of endearment - or a Passover pancake.
Bubbeh: Grandmother (always imagine an old-looking grandma - not a surgically enhanced Silver Surfer!).
Buhheh-myseh: Made-up story. I know some people - and they are all under 12 - who are very good at these!
Bupkes: Nothing.

Challah: Platted loaf used mainly for the Sabbath meal, delicious (see page 134 of The Jewish Princess Cookbook for Choca-Challa Pudding).
Chaleshen: to faint, (feeling hungry!) (Contributed by Barbara S.)
Challish: To want something, as in 'I challish for it.'
Chanukah: The Festival of Lights (normally falls near Christmas). Eight days of presents: a JP's favourite time of the year!
Chasid: Member of an orthodox religious sect.
Chayshik: (pronounced hay - shik) Enthusiasm.
Chazzen: Singer in Synagogue (like Neil Diamond in The Jazz Singer if you're lucky).
Chazzer: Being greedy.
Cheder: A school where children learn about the Jewish religion.
Chochem: A clever person.
Cholent: Meat stew that is cooked overnight (see page 96 of The Jewish Princess Cookbook).
Chotchkeh: Knick-knack.
Chrayn: Horseradish sauce. Delicious hot red sauce that accompanies fish.
Chuppah: Wedding canopy.
Chutzpah: Cheek or nerve. A Jewish Princess has plenty of this!

Diaspora: The historical dispersion of the Jews.
Dover: Pray.
Drek: A vulgar expression for ugly.

Farfel: Tiny noodles.
Faygeleh: Homosexual.
Feh!: Ugh! Used when you don't like something.
Ferbissener: A bitter person.
Ferkrimpt: scowling, annoyed (Contributed by Barbara S.)
Fershtait: Understand (Contributed by Rafi Abrichamtchi.)
: Revolfing and smelly.
Flayshedik: Kosher meat dishes.
Fliegel: Chicken wing.
Forspeise: A taster or appetizer.
Fress: Eat a lot.
Frum: Religious person.
Frummer: Religious person.

Gatkes: Long johns.
Gedempte: Slowly cooked.
Gefilte fish: A dish made from chopped fish; it can be fried or boiled.
Gelt: Money.
Gesundheit: You say it when someone sneezes and it means health.
Get: A Jewish divorce.
Gavalt: Shock. People usually say Oy gavalt! if something really bad happens.
Glatt kosher: Strictly kosher.
Glitch: When something goes wrong.
Golem: Artificially created man.
Gonif: A thief
Gornisht: Nothing.

Haggadah: A book telling the Passover story.
Haimish: (No, not a Scotsman...) Friendly and warm.
Halachah: Religious law.
Halva: Sweets made from sesame seeds (see page 138 of The Jewish Princess Cookbook for Honey Halva Ice Cream).
Hatikvah: Israeli national anthem.

Kaddish: Mourner's prayer.
Kapel or Kippot: Skullcap Jewish men wear in synagogue - and if religious they wear all the time.
Karguer: Man - not smart or clever (Contributed by Alex)
: Dietary laws.
Kibhutz: Israeli cooperative agricultural settlement.
Kichel: A biscuit.
Kiddush: Blessing recited over wine or bread on the Sabbath or at a festival.
Kinder: Children.
Kishkes: Guts.
Klutz: Clumsy person.
Knaidlach: Matzo balls (see page 196 of The Jewish Princess Cookbook ).
Knish: Baked roll filled with potato or meat.
K'nocker: A big shot. Or a big diamond.
Kochleffel: Someone who likes to mix in (Contributed by Barbara S.)
Krank: Something annoying.
Kreplach: Ravioli with chopped meat.
Kugel: Noodle or potato pudding.
Kvell: To glow with pride.
Kvetch: To complain.

Langer Lockshen: Tall person, very thin - spaghetti-like.
Lantzman: Your people (Contributed by Rafi Abrichamtchi.)
: Potato pancake.
Lechayim: A toast to life.
Levoyah: Funeral.
Loch in kop: A hole in the head.
Lockshen: Noodles.
Lox: Smoked salmon.
Lubavitch: A religious sect of orthodox Jews.

Macher: An organizer.
Machetunim: Relatives by marriage.
Maidel - A young girl. (Contributed by Paul in Spain)
Makhen a gevalt : To make a scene, to scream and shout for help. (Contributed by Paul in Spain) Matzo: Unleavened bread.
Matzo-brie: Matzo mixed with egg to make an omelette.
Maven: All-round expert on all subjects (Contributed by Barrie N.)
Mazel: Good luck.
Mazel tov: Congratulations.
Mechuleh : Bankrupt; wasted; ruined; kaputz. (Contributed by Paul in Spain)
Meeskeit punin (not sure if punin/face is correct spelling) : Basically it is an expression which means, that person has such an ugly face, it hurts your eyes.
Megillah: A long story. It derives from the story of Esther at Purim.
Menorah: Candelabra lit at Chanukah.
Mentsh: A good person.
Meshugga: Mad.
Meshuggener: A mad person.
Metsiah: A bargain - like getting a Gucci handbag at 70 percent off
Mezuzah: Religious scroll in an encasement attached to a door.
Mieskayt: An ugly person.
Mikvah: A ritual bath.
Milchik: Dairy foods.
Minyan: Ten men required fo religious services.
Mishegass: A mad idea.
Mitvoch : Fortnight. As in "This kettle is taking a year and a mitvoch!" (Contributed by Andrea)
: A good idea.
Mockers: Put bad luck on something.
Mogen Dovid: A Star of David.
Mohel: The man who performs the circumcision (ouch!).
Momzer: Bastard.

Naches: Pride from your children (Shlepping naches from the kinder).
Nebbish: Nerdy person
Noodge: To nudge/remind.
Nosh: Snaelcing: somethlrig I love to do!
Noo: So?
Nudje: annoying person (Contributed by Barbara S.)
Nudnik: An annoying person.

Over Sholom: Passed away
Oy!: An exclamation of surprise.
Oy Veh!: An expression of shock.

Parev: Foods that contain no dairy products.
Pesach: Passover.
Pish: To urinate
Pletzel: Like a bagel without the hole and with poppy seeds and onion
Polkeh: Chicken drumstick
Puppik: Navel.
Putz: Idiot.

Rachmones: Pity.
Rebbe: Rabbi.
Rebhitsen: Rabbi's wife.
Rosh Hashana: The Jewish New Year.

Saychel: Common sense; using your head
Schikse : Mischupe (Contributed by Rafi Abrichamtchi.)
Seder: The meal we eat first and second night of Passover.
Seftr Torah: The scroll containing the five Books of Moses.
Sephadi: A Jewish person from Spanish or Portuguese descent.
Shabhos: The Sabbath.
Shadchen: A matchmaker.
Shah: Shut up!
Shaineh Maidel: Pretty girl (Contributed by Barbara S.)
Sha'koyach: Congratulations.
Shamus: No, not an Irish person - a detective.
Shayn: Pretty.
Sheitel: A wig worn by a married Orthodox woman.
Shiddach: A possible marriage introduction
Shiker: Drunk.
Shissel: A cooking pot.
Shivah: A seven-day period of mourning.
Shlaky Mit Shlamuzzel: (Contributed by Shirley W.)
Shlemiel: An idiot.
Shlep: To carry or to go a long way.
Shlepper: Someone who carries al your heavy goods.
Shloch: An untidy person.
Shlong: The male organ (large)
Shluff: To have a sleep.
Shmaltz: Chicken fat. Or being too sentimental (no, I don't know why, either).
Shmatta: Rags, cheap clothes. Can be said sarcastically when you are wearing your brand-new D&G.
Shmear: To spread ('A shmear of cream cheese on my bagel, please.') Or to bribe.
Shmendrick: An idiot.
Shmo: An idiot.
Shmooze: To coax with charming behaviour (JP's are very good at this).
Shmuck: An idiot. Or a penis...
Shmutzy: Looking unkempt or dirty.
Shnide: To do something underhanded.
Shnorrer: A mean person.
Shochet: The ritual slaughter of animals for kosher meat.
Shofar: A ram's horn blown in synagogues on the new year.
Sholom: Peace.
Shpilkes: When you are restless.
Shpritz: A spray or squirt of something.
Shtetl: A Jewish village in Eastern Europe.
Shtick: Something that is funny.
Shtook: In trouble.
Shtoom!: Keep quiet! Can be said to children when noisy or when you want to keep something quiet.
Shtup: A vulgar word for sexual intercourse; it also means tipped.
Shul: Synagogue
Shvitz: To be hot.
Shyster: A thief or unscrupulous person
Siddur: A prayer book
Simcha: A joyous occasion. A common expression is 'Only on simchas'
Smetana: A type of sour cream.
Spiel: A salesman's chat when he's talking to a client.

Tallis: A Jewish prayer shaw (not a pashmina...)
Talmud: Jewish law and tradition.
Tush: Bottom.
Torah: The Five Books of Moses.
Treif: See page 8 of The Jewish Princess Cookbook . Un-kosher prawns, pork, etc.
Tsedrayt: A mad person.
Tsemisht: Confused
Tsures: Troubles.
Tzaddik: A righteous man.
Tzatskeh: Ornament or plaything

Tzefleiguene: Women light of head (Contributed by Alex)
Tzimmes: (see page 98 of The Jewish Princess Cookbook ) A dish of cooked meat and vegetables, and sometimes with fruit.

Ungashtupt: over done (Contributed by Bonnie)

Worsht (pronounced vorsht) Salami.

Yachna: A gossip.
Yahrtzeit: The anniversary of a death.
Yamulka: Skullcap - same as kapel.
Yenavelte: In the middle of nowhere (Contributed by Rafi Abrichamtchi.)
: A female gossip.
Yiches: Prestige.
Yiddishe: Jewish.
Yiddishkeit: Jewishness.
Yom kippur: The Day of Attonement.
Yom tov: A Jewish holiday.

Zaydeh: Grandfather.
Zey gezunt: Go in good health.
Zol vacksen tsibiles fun dayn pupik : Onions should grow out from your belly button! - My mother used this expression to people she did not like (Contributed by Michael Benson)

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